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Waiting list currently open, total price for the 6 weeks: $599 NZD

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As this is a workshop intensive, places are limited to ensure everyone gets the most out of the experience. If you have any questions, flick me an email at thewordpixienz@gmail.com

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This course is for people who:

– love their small business but hate social media

– feel awkward about charging for their products or services

– hate greasy sales pages and slick ad copy

– want to reach and engage with customers but aren’t sure how to do to it

– know a few buzzwords but feel a bit overwhelmed by how much you supposedly have to know, and aren’t really sure where to start (or when it all got so complicated!)

– have businesses founded and embedded within core values that are very important to them

– just want to get this bit sorted so they can go out and do the bit they truly love- the reason they started their business in the first place!

How it works:

– each week we’ll jump on a live call to dive into the weekly theme (and I answer all of your questions)

– I provide step-by-step templates, guides and challenges, and over the week, we get it done

– there’s an on-call support and networking group where you can troubleshoot issues as you go

– we workshop and you get feedback on what you’ve produced since our last session so you know what you’re putting into the world is the best it can be

By the end of the course, you’ll know:

– how people use the internet to access goods and services

– how to identify and best connect with your target audience, using your website and social media

– how the main social media platforms work, and who uses them

– how to spot online sharks and scams

– why brand identity and consistent branding across platforms is important

Put the work in, and by the end of the course you’ll have:

– an updated Home Page

– an updated About Me page

– a kick-ass sales page that tells your people why you’re amazing

– an accompanying social media campaign

– a list of my own personal tips and tricks for improving your reach and engagement, and attracting the right people to you

– several easy to use, tried and tested, free or cheap resources to take your marketing to the next level – a series of templates and posts for use on your social media

Cultivating Connection is offered each term at Fraser ACE: Adult Community Education. Partially funded by the Tertiary Education Commission, if you’re in Hamilton, New Zealand it’s an accessible way to get started on your social media marketing journey.

You will learn basic marketing strategy, how to build your brand, and all the ‘rules’ of the trade- and when best to break them.

Your digital fluency will improve as we turn social media inside out to find out how it works, and more importantly- how you can make it work for you.

This course isn’t just about helping you connect with people, it’s about making sure that you’re connecting with the right people. Together we’ll explore the different ways you can build a community of stakeholders, with a focus on sustainable, authentic engagement.

By the end of the course, you’ll be producing engaging content across platforms with confidence. 

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