Outsourcing: aka Strategic Avoidance of Things You Hate

When I first started my business, I thought my head might pop off with the number of things I had to keep on top of. A year on and I’m still not sure how many balls I’ve got in the air, (and I don’t want to pause to check in case I drop one!). ButContinue reading “Outsourcing: aka Strategic Avoidance of Things You Hate”

Embracing rest:

why I hate the growth mindset. I’ve decided to focus this blog on mental health, because we don’t talk about this shit enough. It’s almost impossible to function, let alone to work or run a successful business when you’ve hit the skids emotionally, so let’s talk about it. I’ve just returned from an amazing weekendContinue reading “Embracing rest:”

Eat cake, not humble pie

How modesty is harming your business. As a rule, us kiwis aren’t the best at celebrating our successes. Tall poppy syndrome is very real, and self-depreciating humour is our cultural go-to, even when we’re doing ourselves a disservice. People (especially women!) are socialised to fade into the background, and taught that modesty is more appropriateContinue reading “Eat cake, not humble pie”

How do you measure success?

Spoiler alert- it doesn’t exist. Want to know a secret? No one really cares about all those ‘things’ you’ve achieved. I’m a multi-award-winning writer and magazine editor, I’ve been published in many prestigious literary journals, I hold several national dance titles, I’ve toured the world performing sell-out shows, and now I own my own business.Continue reading “How do you measure success?”

Cultivating Connection

 5 easy ways to reach the right people Engagement is a beast with many heads. It’s no longer enough to identify your audience, and have good copy or fancy pictures, you need to know why they’re engaging with your brand. You can craft your communications to build strong, authentic relationships, through positive, mutually beneficial interactions.Continue reading “Cultivating Connection”

Levity is not your enemy:

the case for having a laugh. Managing corporate social media is a battleground. In my experience, the people at the top take both themselves and their brands much too seriously. They’re double the danger to innovation: both very risk adverse and pretty clueless about how social media works. On the one hand, I get it.Continue reading “Levity is not your enemy:”

Fuck Marketing

Or, how to cut through Marketing Fatigue Since my head injury, I consider myself to be a bit of an expert on fatigue. I’ve spent over a year in a constant state of exhaustion on all levels. As well as making me physically drained, the injury temporarily disrupted my brain’s circuitry system, meaning that evenContinue reading “Fuck Marketing”

What your Instagram #TopNine can teach you

I’m lucky in that the purpose of Tinkerbelle’s social media presence is to entertain above all else. Without the pressure of sales and engagement targets I have been free to experiment without constraint, and post the content that feels right. It has been a really organic process right from the start, with what my followersContinue reading “What your Instagram #TopNine can teach you”