Cultivating Connection

 5 easy ways to reach the right people Engagement is a beast with many heads. It’s no longer enough to identify your audience, and have good copy or fancy pictures, you need to know why they’re engaging with your brand. You can craft your communications to build strong, authentic relationships, through positive, mutually beneficial interactions.Continue reading “Cultivating Connection”

Levity is not your enemy:

the case for having a laugh. Managing corporate social media is a battleground. In my experience, the people at the top take both themselves and their brands much too seriously. They’re double the danger to innovation: both very risk adverse and pretty clueless about how social media works. On the one hand, I get it.Continue reading “Levity is not your enemy:”

What your Instagram #TopNine can teach you

I’m lucky in that the purpose of Tinkerbelle’s social media presence is to entertain above all else. Without the pressure of sales and engagement targets I have been free to experiment without constraint, and post the content that feels right. It has been a really organic process right from the start, with what my followersContinue reading “What your Instagram #TopNine can teach you”

Forget what you think you know about social media marketing

Or ‘what your #TopNine can teach you about your Instagram presence’ I’m not going to lie, Instagram is my happy place. It’s the platform that feels most natural to me as a creator, with the least distance between my audience and myself. I’m lucky that I created my primary Instagram account for my own entertainment,Continue reading “Forget what you think you know about social media marketing”